Saturday, April 22, 2006


so i got a Bose stereo system this weekend.

the packaging it came in was just awesome :

a gorgeous lump of black metal forged into a sleek,aerodynamic shell, with wheels and a v6 heart

Friday, April 21, 2006

textosterone mini

like that of a mosquito's caught in a room full of healthy people. i was describing my attention span. i barely read these days. magazines that have interesting main features on the cover last merely minutes. the first para of each story gets my focus for a bare second before i flip away to the next page. they say it's because of this information overload we face. so i've decided to innovate. change something. it's what bloggers do when they have a dearth of comments..and yeah, i could've just changed the colors and the font and called it a day

a steamin' cuppa time
this has been popping up in my head each time i see my room-mate's collection of shot glasses. apart from the thought that he has visited way too many places than i have that is. what do we have in india that is equivalent to the shot glass. the tea glass of course. many a day has been better spent along NH 45 with a piping hot nair kada tea in one hand and a butter biscuit in another. from the exalted iits to the one building engineering college dotting the backroads of a city, there'd be few students who've not enjoyed chai. the idea is to market the chai glass as a nostalgic souvenir..something that reminds you of the times more than the place... any takers?

really small words
i dont know about other languages, but (madras) tamil is so ingrained (some say adulterated) with english that there are many words that i dont know the tamil equivalent of. so when do bilingual children learn to differentiate between languages? at what point do they learn that they are speaking 2 languages. is it when they learn the word language?

snatch x chick-flick
that x stands for "opposite of" if you've never played those interesting word games in first or second standard. and yup, i just saw this movie in its entirety after several attempts went awry. a diamond, replica guns, people with missing fingers and illegal,underground bare-knuckle boxing. there are multiple plots and they are all connected? precisely what my overloaded brain ordered. each piece stays on screen for just the right amount of time before another great one nudges it out to claim centerstage. as an outsider i felt sort of privileged that i may have been the only one (apart from the director) who knew all the pieces and the connection while the characters themselves did not. very satisfying..why don't magazines adopt this stand, have one story but have several sub-stories? i guess it's cos as strange as it is, fact can only be twisted this much.