Friday, April 01, 2005

mandatory post on death

death and life start at the same is initially faster..death just catches up and goes on to win

today my speed increases some more. after much thought and after scanning my rearview mirror for cops , i've plunged my foot and accelerated to 26 years / year.

for the metaphorically challenged : its my birthday..yeah i was born surprisingly close to a day that celebrates stupidity.
but this year its different..i'm 26...finally.i have waited a long time for this.
in terms of achievement, year #26 ranks right up there along with #1 when i learned to sit on my ass. but i have a feeling theres a lot more to come.


anantha said...

happy b'day dude.

catcharun said...

thanks anantha

Ravages said...

Anna, 'aappy Birthudaynga na,
Eppidinga na, treat keetu ella?

catcharun said...

thambi...vaalthukku romba dhanks
treat naan nalla madras aanda vantha sure ..
etho tasmac shoppaame....vazhi paathu vei thambi..unnoda bikela polaam.. okvaa??