Monday, May 23, 2005

take your pic

i hate digital cameras..mainly because i cant afford one. so my stand, as i've told a million others, is that in the order of depreciating image quality, the human eye is followed by a 35mm slr, the one-time use plastic camera and finally by any of those ubiquitous clickathon participants, the digital camera.

i like to think that photography is one of my hobbies. its not. my slr is hiding in a corner of a closet lest i take it out and shoot some really badly composed shots. the few that i took (about 15 rolls) are all organized by a random shuffling algorithm i devised on the fly while dumping them in the same closet. note to any obssessive compulsive visitor of my room (and mom): open the closet at your own risk. biologists are however welcome to hunt for new species as long as they are named after me. enough gross out closet details. that photography was my hobby of destiny had been quite obvious to me from the beginning. my father had a yashica slr that was built for a slight variant of the time-lapse photography technique. once we assembled in front of the camera, a lot of time lapsed while my father tried to get the picture right in the viewfinder and then there was one photograph at the end. needless to say when i took that camera to my high school farewell party, all i had were photos without people and in the rare case the chairs that a few hours ago had been vacated by the last of my patient teachers.

when we went on this trip to kodaikanal ,a summer when people still thought about saving a click for a better shot, i was the resident expert on loading film into the cameras. its not like the other guys didnt know how, they were just too lazy and i was too much of a nice guy to refuse a chance to unload a sarcastic comment as i gently pulled the film a little out of its cannister, fitted it on the backside of a camera and then shut it up. by the time the trip ended i was as trained as one of those crack commandos who dismantle a canon (oops i meant cannon) in less than a minute. the slr had long been traded for this ultra-modern zoom (or joom depending on whether u like captain or not) camera that could have possibly taken good pictures. but i was so adept at loading and unloading film that i was content to keep doing just that and came back to singara chennai with no snaps and 2 complete rolls of kodak chroma gold.

obviously my youth blinded me to the fact that my best snaps were ones that required my presence to explain what the object in the snap was. so i plunked down a further $500 to buy myself an slr..a good one, the best one..the one with a setting for each shade of the sky...the one that was supposed to make a novice take perfect snaps of dew drops and make tail-lights of cars look like someone had drawn parallel red lines. it was slightly bulky , so what. after a few more of the aforementioned unidentified objects turned up, i was quick to set it on auto. a little later when i realised that pulling it out quickly, focussing and then shooting a shot required more muscles than those in my eye it went straight into the closet and started its hibernation. it still comes out to take a peek during birthdays and the roll i loaded back in 02 is still there with undeveloped photos of me blowing candles ( oh yeah i still do it).

but i refuse to vacate my fact i vow that i will never start a photoblog. if i do none of those photos will be digital or film for that matter. it may take a lil while but my latest camera consists of a drawing pad and a pencil. i'll personally capture each image to the worst of my ability. you'll still visit it , right ?

the disclaimer makes its comeback : i do not endorse yashica (now part of Kyocera Imaging), kodak, biologists, slrs,drawing pads,pencils or fact if someone paid me for doing this, i'll promptly run out and get a digital camera


Anonymous said...

Valga Captain, Valga Wikipedia!!

√úbermaniam said...

Thank god you've got nothing against digital text. keep writing. good fun!

catcharun said...

hyps - when i do the tamil version of starwars, i will put captain in every role..

captain vader : naan thaanbaa un appa

doppps - no fun...glad that u like my extremely confined writing this rate i'll exhaust my past quite soon and then will be left with the present, where nothing happens , even in my imagination

Anonymous said...

would be fun to see the 'lion of south' fit senator padme's role..

but wherever he travels, captain should return to our thaai nadu and still save india from pakistan/ ulfa/ asteroid/ whatever.

catcharun said...

wait a sec..
out of those 700 odd words i spent abt an hour typing all of u home in on 'captain'

i guess he is infinitely more entertaining than any blog..padme is the least of my worries..imagine him as leia in that metal bikini or as yoda..its going to take some computer graphics to do all that.
btw doing yoda's dialogs in tamil wud be a cinch..i'll just hire the guy who translated for Junoon

Crouching Tigress said...

Hahahaha..I hate digicams too...mainly cause I cant afford one. Dont sue me for using for your words tho :P.

catcharun said...

i hate lawyers too..mainly cos i cant afford no sue.
i do frown upon your use of my dots...

Crouching Tigress said...

You dont OWN the dots! Besides, I used three :P so there! Oh I love lawyers..hehehe maybe cause of Erle Stanley Gardner.
No sue eh? Maybe someone else then! Sorry just couldnt resist that one!

divya said...

what the hell are u doing coding at some dusty damp corner of a basement in US? Get ur ass out to india and work at some good ad agency and chrun out some memorable ad lines!

You are way too funny to be spending ur life coding!

catcharun said...

funny nimbu..u r way too funny as well

i am not coding..i suck at it.
but since i am writing what u call "way too funny" stuff when i'm supposed to be coding, maybe i'll take up an ad job (if someone is crazy enough to give me one) and start writing ads that are called
helloworld.c and begin with #include

musica said...
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Anonymous said...
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