Tuesday, August 02, 2005

english as the first language

this conversation happened close to 12am . the scene - me & my 2 roomies at their lab, where i'm supposedly working on my thesis while they work on theirs. we decide to take a break to get a drink from a vending machine.3 cans and $2.25 later we are walking back. one roomie has his can open, other roomie and i are struggling hard to get our cans open. thirsty and lazy, we hand our cans over to him. he opens both with relative ease. i start referring to an age old joke

me : you got it open cos of the shri ram factor

roomie1 : whats that

me : roomie2 and i'd already put a lot of effort trying to open it and we gave up just before we could get it open. all you did was put a little more effort into it and got it to open

roomie1 : so what is the shri ram factor

me : in sita's swayamvara, all those other kings tried breaking the bow one by one and successively increased the stress on the bow. when shri ram finally stepped up, the bow was almost broken. all he had to do was touch it and it crumbled instantly

roomie1 : the point is why did shri ram's turn come only towards the end after all the others?

me : maybe they were going in the alphabetic order..i mean "s" does come towards the end of the alphabet right ?

roomie2 : so they already knew english during the time of ramayana ?

at last count each of us had a masters degree in engineering


Anonymous said...

nice joke and all..

but 'sh' or 'shra' comes at the very end of the sanskrit language too.

catcharun said...

good observation lekin mujhe sanskrit nahi aatha..

i'll accept the sanskrit alpha order if u can translate this sentence into sanskrit:

all the kings and princes will be called out in alphabetical order

Suhail said...

hehehe...good one arun :) coming after a long time.

catcharun said...

heh heh.thanks man.have to credit my roomies for that.

obiewan said...

u know what, u're good - funny and good.