Wednesday, December 28, 2005


woah!! a month..and 6 days..that's how long it has taken me to return to my warm, cozy corner of the web. i've not been lazy though folks. i've been making stuff up. mostly words. there is this group of fantastic wordsmiths who've been kind enough to let me post on their/our blog. so while i google my puny brain for a memory worth exploiting, here let me goose you over to the wordmint for a gander.

and you thought this was a regular mile long post..ha


lenscrafter said...

good blog arun, good part about employing the ants. which issue of the indian express was ur blog featured on ? arvind

catcharun said...

AC, neeya ?? damn and i kept checking your school webpage to see for updates..sweet

yeah it was a while back..i think it was june of last year. i don't know how the hell it got picked up though (wink wink)

lenscrafter said...

arun, the creative answers in my blog are being monopolised by my cousin bubs. why dont u lend ur pen or keyboard and give her some competition ;)