Monday, February 27, 2006

it's all black and white

(as usual i'm late, this time by a few weeks. of course it can all be a clever ploy to post about a topic long after everyone else has. of course you know that i am not that clever. as usual, i'm just late )

there are 3 kinds of movies in this world. and the plagiarism stops right there. you can't write about a movie like 'rang de' by lifting lines from it. there are many scenes that make you think and there are whole sequences that hit you where it hurts most (the heart, lads & lasses). the whole movie is as fresh as a review that lacks cliches comparing it to a rainbow of emotions. i don't deny the presence of emotions though since there is a message to deliver.but the message will probably linger much longer thanks to a fantastic group of messengers and a brilliant screenplay. obviously i don't envision hordes of youngsters turning into activists overnight. but i feel that the way message was delivered will appeal to some. it did to me.

i tend to play the music on a loop for about a week after i see any movie. i find that the visuals add a nice sub-dimension. with this soundtrack i was (pleasantly) surprised to find that most of my guesses about the songs' picturisation were wrong. it's an awesome soundtrack and prasoon joshi's lyrics complement the music very well as do the vivid images.

my brightest idea in a long while : deciding to see rang de basanti.


Jinguchakka said...

Where are you in Chicago? RDB was in theatres (AMC, Barrington for one) like a month ago. I think it would still in that Des Plaines Indian (in all aspects) theatre!

catcharun said...

who said i was in chicago..incidentally i did see it in chicago and yeah i knew it was being screened at a ton of places around there...doesnt make much of a difference now that i've seen it :)

Jinguchakka said...

You said! Please refer your profile(About me)!

radha said...

ya that was a cool review..