Sunday, June 10, 2007

how loud is too loud

every man has a breaking point..mine came when the electronic sounds that form the start of athiradee started to pour out of the speakers. i stood up to dance and didnt really sit down again.actually i dont remember much of what i was doing after that. the decibel levels rose to near ear-splitting levels and caused droves of demure desi damsels to change into dancing queens. the men werent far behind. many ran up and down the aisles forming trains and others who had been sitting were dancing in place (like i suddenly found myself doing) with arms and legs flailing trying to keep up with the beat. and try doing that while also screaming your lungs out. my voice is gone, my ears are ringing and legs ache. all side effects of experiencing rahman's music live. an awesome experience. now i am properly primed for sivaji next week.


Ms V said...


I am back in the block. Started blogging again. At least trying. :)


PS: My bro went for that concert the other day. Called up during. So technically, I was there too! Lol. Heard a snippet of "Pray for me brother". :)

PPS: This is V :D

catcharun said... u r on the blog scene again eh?? welcome back..though i am not sure i'm qualified to issue welcomes being so irregular at this

and yeah the concert rocked!!

Ms V said...

Thanks! But where's my welcome banner and the rest? Especially the confetti and ribbons? Lol. :)