Sunday, January 18, 2009


Suddenly, you realize that this song is mind blowing. You wanted to use a complex simile to compare the steady vocals and slightly audible violin strains to something in nature, but you can't. The song has infected areas in your brain responsible for similes and hearing is the sole sense you are aware of. The song rises in a crescendo, letting a wonderful orchestration take center stage before the vocals return and then it slowly recedes to a ripple. Dil gira kahin par daf'atan.

The lyrics are supposed to be good. I'll pay attention to them after I've had my fill of the music. The Delhi-6 soundtrack sounds like Rahman grew his long hair back and just let loose on the recording floor. If this is how the rest of '09 will roll out musically, it is going to be a happy new year for his fans.

p.s Daf'atan, I found, is Urdu for at once, instantaneously, suddenly.


gauri said...

Hmm...heard it just a few times yet. Beautiful composition. Nice orchestration. But it's like any other good AR number (or maybe I'm spoilt) - except for the mesmerizing guitar in the background. Know who that was? I can tell it's growing on me, but I'm still desperately trying to filter out the vocals to get to that that guitar.


catcharun said...

For me, the best AR number is the one I am currently listening to :)

A scan of the CD case showed Sanjeev Thomas, Ivan credited for Guitar.

and you have a blog now? Welcome.

gauri said...

Couldn't dig much on Youtube (ST/Ivan instrumental) :(

Blog, talked into it. Still an experiment, don't know how long it'll last. You could stop by and say hi, you know :) Or don't you visit outside your phi-kappa-lambda bloggerhood? :P