Friday, June 24, 2005

a quick tale

the bite

there it was again. this bug was spreading faster than others. this one did not wait for the infected one to contact someone else. normal, sane people were succumbing to this bug one after another for no apparent reason. he clicked on a couple more, experienced instant gratification a couple of more times and with a sigh logged on to his blog and started typing "a qui.."

there are a lot of good ones where it all started, in this filthy, funny, flawed,gorgeous blog and all over in infected blogs. unfortunately for you brevity is not the soul of my blog. you will never know how i restrained myself from making this post a 30 chapter book filled with metaphors and past incidents where bugs have bitten me. i'll stop before this post nullifies its title.


ammani said...
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ammani said...

Hmmm...what was it then? Thanks for the mention. Appreciate it :)

catcharun said...

what was what then?
sorry i'm having a bad day understanding stories and comments.. pls explain

u r most welcome.actually right back at you.thanks a lot for the bug.*a-tchoo*

thennavan said...

OT: Have blogrolled you (remembered from a long time back that you visited and commented on mine :-))

V said...

Ah yes, the bug bit me as well..:P...You thought of making the bug the quick tale..

I hope the bug spreads far and wide, 'cause I do have a thing for smaller posts...:)

catcharun said...

V : i guess u have a thing for reading smaller posts..
going by that physics post, i'm pretty sure my 3 practicals put togeher didnt take as long as it did to read that post..i still havent finished.its entertaining so far, i'll leave my comment there once i'm done

that bug..its a good bug

catcharun said...

thennavan : i remember too..shall blogroll u as well.
whats OT btw? my net lingo hasnt been updated since the days of hyperterminal and atdt

√úbermaniam said...

tnks man, for the comment. haven't seen ghost in the machine. will imdb it to see what it's about. btw, the only matrix i liked was matrix 1. ok, guess, i've lost my audience. :-)

√úbermaniam said...

tnks dude, for the latest comment, on my latest. ur earlier comment is what made me want to move on. tnks for dropping by. do come again. cheers uber.