Monday, June 20, 2005

(re)verse gear

i was planning on posting this the day after my previous post. but a few world-altering events happened after that..australia lost to bangladesh in a ODI, only 6 cars started the US F1 race to which i almost went and this blog was reviewed in the Indian Express by a reviewer i do not know. you'll just have to take my word for it, it was in the magazine section of the paper edition and yeah i dont understand the logic of doing a blog review on paper either..but i'm glad to see my blog mentioned anywhere.
since this microbe of a blog is now under the microscope of some n readers, i thought i'll hold back my original post and put up something that fits the description in the review more. but you know what its my blog.
first a little introduction to what i'm about to do. chapter 7 of the hitch hikers guide to the galaxy begins :

    " Vogon poetry is of course the third worst in the Universe. The second worst is that of the Azagoths of Kria.......The very worst poetry of all perished along with its creator Paula Nancy Millstone Jennings of Greenbridge, Essex, England in the destruction of the planet Earth. "

given how H2G2 is revered all over and now that its a movie and all, its time that i laid claim to that most undesired of titles. so here is my entry for all of you to judge. it was written ages ago and lay covered under layers of dust when i found it in the archives of my mailbox.


Like molten gold
your form pours
through my senses,
filling them.
a monument to seduce my mind
a beauty melted and reshaped into perfection
am i a satyr?

so go ahead and let me know...if you were at the counter of the department of english literature, would i get a poetic license or would you confiscate my keyboard and give me the undesired title?
the poem ended up there..these 2 lines are not part of it


Übermaniam said...
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Übermaniam said...

sorry anonymous. i now know who you are. really, didn't mean to be offensive, to you.

and yeah, V, go on link, do whatever you want. what kind of stupid question is that? this is the internet. do whatever the fuck you want, nobody really cares.

Übermaniam said...

hey, nice film that H2G2. karan johar has done a really good job of directing it. and the name; a sure development over K3G, KKK and HAHK. tnks for the tip.

V said... linking your interactivity! and thanks!


"a monument to seduce my mind
a beauty melted and reshaped into perfection"

those lines were really good :)

PS: Apart from k3g, which were the rest??? :S

Übermaniam said...

tnks for fucking what? i haven't done anything for you and don't fukking intend to. you'll have to think of a better bribe to get into my good books.

Übermaniam said...

and it's with 3 fucking ps. how many times does one have to explain that!

V said...

FFS, trying to be polite ISN'T a bribe..Heck, you figured I wanted a frigging review..thanks but no thanks mate!

catcharun said...

V : thanks for the kind words abt my poetry. i guess i'll have to come with something better to get the worst poetry title

i have just one q, what is FFS?

thotpurge said...

I'd say you are a dreamer...a good one too :)

catcharun said...

thotpurge : if you meant i sleep a lot, you are bang on..i'm a sleeper...a very good one at that :)
thanks for the comment

thotpurge said...

However cliched it sounds...the dreams we dream when we are not sleeping are perhaps, the best of them all..:)

catcharun said...

maybe its oft used in the poet circle you are part of..
u r right though

i'm not one who is well versed..never understood poems either
wait.were u trying to answer my poser at the end of the poem..ah i get it now..or did i?

thotpurge said...

guess u did :) that vers-a-tile, don't u think!

catcharun said...

but what do i get for being vers-a-tile ?

thotpurge said...

is it always about getting something? maybe you can be vers-a-tile just because.

catcharun said...

ok..i'll still point out the amount of mental work it took over 2 days to make the connection between your answer and my question..
damn! hard work has no reward in this virtual world

thotpurge said...

i thot u got a reward-your poem was much appreciated! come back and post soon ...

catcharun said...

eh? wrong thing to do..appreciating poetic efforts may result in more bad verse..
i'm back though and thanks for hanging around

thotpurge said...

so why dont you? Post another poem, I mean...??

catcharun said...

i'm not a poet , thotpurge

i dont understand most of them.
the one that i did post was a metaphor..just a fleeting thought that was expressed in 3 lines rather than lengthy paragraphs.
i dont think i can write poems.i dont think i can write prose either but i'll keep trying