Tuesday, January 24, 2006


my roomie said i should post more "useful" stuff and even gave me a suggestion. so even though i'm aeons late on the scene with regards to this particular thing, i shall not deny this request. but before that i'll put you through some pain. as someone said, long before this blog came to be, "no rain, no grain".

and as someone else also said, there are two kinds of technophiles in this world. some of you are early adopters. you jump on to the first trends as they slowly sprout from the ground . as the trends rise like magic beanstalks, you sit comfortable on the top and lend a helping hand to those below you, enabling them to get to the top and enjoy the view with you. some others among you lag behind a little. not by much, but you lounge around comfortable with your current settings. a little hesitant to jump arms akimbo onto a bandwagon that still maybe missing a wheel and whose destination is still unknown. you don't want to change unless forced to. given these 2 sets of people any technology that makes the second group adopt it as early as the first is likely to win the race.

enter google video. "old news" you say. yup it's been around for a while. but the content it carries has multiplied like rabbits to reach a mind boggling amount. a brief search yielded telugu wedding videos in 20 parts( i did not watch any of them..ok maybe part of 1), tamil movie scenes, not to mention the tons of sports clips. so many in such an uncategorised mess that even an obsessive compulsive organiser would just give up and start watching some of the videos. despite the megabytes of viewing pleasure, the interface is so simple that anyone can search and view videos. no annoying codecs or waiting for the video to download. and if the uploading is as simple as it seems, i expect the content to grow exponentially thus making everyone happy.

google has trained us well. it has drilled into us that the long textbox is not a mere html construct, but is in fact a genie capable of granting your every online wish. so go forth, command the genie and gently rub the Search button. may all your wishes come true.

p.s oh yeah i even found a video related to a golt movie i wrote about almost a year ago. search for takkari donga at your own risk


Anonymous said...

Your roomie suggested you post something so that he can get some reprieve from listening to you all the time. The silence was truly golden when you were typing in the blog.

I am really curious to see how google will prevent copyrighted info from being uploaded. I also saw an interesting slashdot article about how someone had loaded a video of Iraqi snipers attacking US troops and what that does to free speech.

I am sure you also saw that considering how vetti you are. Now if only you could be convinced to listen to your roommate more.

catcharun said...

for that my roomie will have to talk more than i do. it's physically impossible to do so. and not only for him.

no i didnt see that article. i did see another one ages back that had iraqi insurgents using google earth to pinpoint US barrack locations around baghdad. google will not prevent anything till it gets sued by someone. i think it's an interesting tactic for testing the waters.

lenscrafter said...

didn't know u were a golt movie fan. i'm sure any post u write or wrote about golt movie songs would have an impressive burst of imagery.

√úbermaniam said...

Did anyone from India manage to see any of the videos? I tried and got a message stating the videos could not be played in India. Maybe not. So...wondering.

catcharun said...

dopps : i'm sure those can be played in india as well. i though google is censoring stuff only in china