Tuesday, January 18, 2005

the golt, the dad and the idli

A movie's effect can probably be measured by how long it stays in ur mind.if u have to watch it a second time it may not be because u didnt understand it the first time , the movie might've made u think and raise questions that demand a second watching to answer properly.i saw eternal sunshine 2.5 times.most movies are worth their length in time if u see the end, remember the beginning and connect end to beginning.a few others are bad enough to make u pause in between and start writing reviews.

TAKKARI DONGA is one of them. this is one movie which will also be watched twice not because it made me think or anything but just cos my room mates will make me watch it again. its a pesarattu western. if the europeans can make spaghetti westerns, the golts can surely claim a name for their effort. amazing attention to detail in terms of western ghost town setting, saloon included , realistic costumes etc.but the makers clean forgot some movie requirements like continuity, lip syncing, a screenplay etc. i guess the title means super thief or something.the hero is obviously a thief, who plunders at will.after a requisite train robbery, bank robbery, a song pictured in the grand canyon with a few western extras , the hero embarks on a journey escorting the daughter of this guy who promises him a valuable diamond in return.then there is the other small time crook and his daughter who also likes this guy and in a indian movie first (and probably last), this second girl has a dream song picturised only on the hero and the first girl.the story progresses adapting many conventional western plot mechanisms - a sheriff who dies, a hanging rope bridge, a map to a diamond mine and many non-western ones - a dog that follows the hero everywhere and scares snakes away, 2 or 3 more dream songs, a revenge for his father's death story. but it all ends well i guess, cos the hero gets the lady and the diamonds and kills the baddie.i'm too tired to spew any more sarcasm on this movie.

now the more interesting revelations - the hero is mahesh babu not very well known to the tams but the heroines are lisa ray and bipasha basu and given such a script , any hero who says no to having a good time with these two damsels needs to come out of the closet and admit his orientation.i actually take back what i said abt this movie being bad.this movie did make me think as I was watching it : as to how i too can write a script and find someone to finance it ( only in goltland though) and of several titles which might have actually fit the movie better :
Warangal lo okka westernu
Gunfight at the guntur corral (or gunturlo okka gunfightu)
Kakinadalo okka cowboy
Koncham dabbu kosam (the golt take on "for a few dollars more")
and keeping in tune with the modern longer titles
Once upon a time in andhra

Sergio Leone who actually invented the spaghetti western genre must have turned in his grave as soon as this movie was conceived. i did see King Arthur too. a timepass movie nowhere as entertaining as donga or review-worthy.also watched the new episode of Coupling. this is a british comedy along the lines of friends, but much more hilarious.see if u can catch it on a idiot box near you.


Ravages said...

having read through the entire post (proof: I see couplings and don't agree that it is funnier than friends)
I can tell you this. We should team up and do iddiyappam-westerns

catcharun said...

dude..friends was good the first few seasons but i didnt like the later ones.
coupling had some really funny themes that i found more hilarious than frnds

i am up for the iddiyappam westerns.. my veechu aruva has slept in its holster for too long..bring on the south-laws...