Monday, January 17, 2005

Wipe that smirk off your memory

Human life is boring. Now I am not saying that as a hook to draw u into reading this or to make a grand entry literally speaking. That is a fact and by this time u r probably old enough to realize that human life is like one long boring bus journey followed by subsequent stops where you get down stretch your limbs and promptly hop onto another bus and continue with longer, more boring journeys. Pretty much everyone looks forward to the stop and transfer part so much only because they expect the transfer to take them to a newer exciting phase (which actually starts out being new and exciting) only to settle back into the mundane again. And so life goes on. But occasionally during the journey one needs to keep from falling asleep and needs to look out of the window in case they miss a sight that is unusual and ever so slightly makes the bus journey worth it just to catch that glimpse.ok enough of the metaphoric world. In real life I think that rare visual or forget-your-boring-life-for-a-second happening is provided through 2 things - life itself and art. If u r like most other normal humans i.e. someone who doesn’t surfboard or climb mountains during the weekend u r less likely to be surprised by life. This weekend I was rather pleasantly surprised by art. By a movie (which isn’t surprising as that is the highest art form I am ever exposed to).

"Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind" was as good a movie as any I’ve seen in a long while. (yup all that superhero-like entry was for a rather usual movie review). It is a movie abt relationships and people.cliched line u might think.but of course .u cant call a rose by any other name.the handling and characters is what makes it so special.charlie kaufman who also wrote the scripts for adaptation and being john malkovich, movies I haven’t seen yet, has done a great job of coming up with a script that while masquerading as a love story backwards (starting from the rather painful breakup to the first meetings and expressions of interest) also lays bare the slightly dark side of its characters' emotions. Jim Carrey and Kate wins let carry it off to a T. The movie opens with Jim Carrey voicing over what seems to be his character sketch. Anytime a movie starts off with a character sketch that matches the viewer's it’s found an audience. Maybe I am giving it a little too much credit but I cud definitely identify with the Jim Carrey a lot and that’s partly responsible for such an eulogy of a review. The other reason is because the idea of erasing someone out of your memory, though kind of old (countless heroes/heroines saying "enna marandhudu" and then singing a sad song with beard on face (for the men) and a bottle in hand) is actually shown practically. No doubt countless geeks will question the technicalities behind erasing a particular memory bringing time-space continuums and neuron activity into the picture. But again its the script's strength that it sidesteps these issues and deals with the ones that matter while totally avoiding the mush and sentimental mulch that would’ve given the movie a chick flick branding .I have no rating scheme in place for the movies I see but this movie would be right on top of any scale that I choose. You don’t have to agree with me but just go see it for yourself.

I will go and see Takkari Donga a rather poorly rated golt movie. A sneak peek revealed its abt cowboys in kakinada. Heh heh.


Crouching Tigress said...

did watch and it was..well..NICE :). Oh i love jim carrey anyway. He is brilliant. its the concept by itself. Even an effort of wiping someone off ones memory just by sheer willpower(if nothing else) will be a traumatic process. Has to be a sinewave i suppose. Gosh this movie got me all pensive.
Although, i dont agree with the first paragraph as much..hehehe

catcharun said...

u dont have to..its just some crappy metaphor that i thought will make me seem more intelligent and worldly..holier-than-thou.
it was a mail before it became my first post so it was meant for a particular audience.

Crouching Tigress said...

of course i dont have to! :P