Monday, January 31, 2005

original sin

scriptures say adam and eve, persuaded by satan in the form of a snake, started the whole thing by eating an apple from the tree of knowledge. ages later now its all being reenacted with some changes. what was till a couple of years ago a sin committed in silence by the minority apple users has now been justified as a global panacea from the snakes of spyware and malware. everywhere you turn there is at least one article or blog or poster or a pair of white headphones proclaiming to the world that the apple is back to bite the humans. its ipod this and mac mini that everywhere. this apple is getting all the good publicity that the one from the tree of knowledge never got. we'll have to wait and see if its all just yet another route to hell albeit a colorful, cushy one.
there i've done my part adding to all that macochism.

yo wake up.i'm done serving the apé's the main course for all you macheads and future switchers. i get my daily mac and cheese from these :

Headlines that scream "we love macs"

thinking about a new ipod. hold on, check here first to see if you need to wait just a little longer for the improved newer version.shh..its a secret though :

this guy is daring ,sets balls on fire.also writes some interesting mac related stuff

did you know Shift+F9 displays a slow motion exposé effect ? take a hint at :

mana for the mac geeks :

saving the best for the last.will original sin be passed on or is it just a disease that needs a Windose shot(kinda borrowed this term from suderman's links..i dont think he'll mind). read about some very interesting thoughts on the future for us poor humans :

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