Thursday, February 03, 2005

tiger devours cattle - part 1

i haven't started reporting for national geographic..yet. i am still on a mac high though i've stopped pointing out to everyone how cool exposé is or how i use iCal to schedule the running of my applications (unix geeks : i know abt cron, its a lot easier with iCal). Why is the mac cool and why is windows, despite its prevalence, been the butt of some bad jokes like :

What is common between james bond's tuxedo and windows xp ?
Spy ware (get it?..ROTFL at my own joke )

using illogic i shall attempt to make molehills out of the huge mountains of facts created by several technical journalists and many other regular ones who found it easier to report the most popular news instead of being original.

lets look at the name - microsoft. did someone at the business registration bureau make a mistake, leaving a hosiery manufacturer befuddled with a name like Unlimited Limited? considering it was the late 1970s the name chosen by Gates was as meaningful as the expanded name - Microcomputer Software. the number of people on the planet who knew what a computer was, let alone what software was,could have been counted by using a couple of abaci(sources inform me that this is the plural of abacus). on the other hand everyone on the planet knew what an apple was. Even if they didn't know what the english word meant, the logo of an apple was something recognizable even to apes. here's where the confusion began. apples(the fruit) were very cheap so when Jobs came up with a product that is supposed to be as easy to bite into as an apple but is about a million times more expensive people were aghast. they turned to a product which by virtue of its unique name they could not price match with any other known product in the market. so the first battle is lost -people choose price over product and over product name.

blink a few times and come back..this one isn't over yet.

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