Friday, February 04, 2005

tiger devours cattle - part 2

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a few years later microsoft is now well known in the western world and starting to infiltrate the asian markets, leaving several english speaking asians scratching their heads trying to guess why there was such a fuss about a fabric softener .In the early 1990s a young boy who has only seen computers at school forces his parents to get a 486 DX2 PC by telling them lies like "i can do our home accounts and income tax calculations with my left hand without using the mouse and i will also use it for my school project". two days after the computer arrives his parents start looking
for a replacement for their son.the previous one had gotten lost in the castles of Wolfenstein 3d.
i am digressing.Windows replaced the green phosphorous cursor with a shiny arrow which released from the bounds of lines and columns, flew across the screen playing games with solitaire. The few americans who'd managed to overcome shock and sacrificed a car and an europe vacation to invest in a fruit were screaming their throats hoarse that they already had such a user interface. no one heard them.bill gates energised by his brand's success turned his focus on the business world's computing needs, ignored all the cleverest punners in his geek army and chose to clear the confusion by naming his next product Microsoft Office. Realisation dawned on many a face. They now knew Microsoft was into building comfortable, ergonomic offices. Apple on the other hand was facing a boardroom fight and a bunch of bad apples kicked jobs out of office (not the microsoft one). apple continued on a downward spiral while everyone in the world claimed they were the best spellers in the world because their Office knew a Word or two.

by now apple has lost so many battles that keeping count is hard. lets just jump into the next century when king jobs took back his appledom. microsoft is now giving a lot more with windows. pinball and freecell are now standard apart from minesweeper and solitaire. it becomes a rage and all those lacking psychomotor skills uninstall Doom and start playing freecell instead. but Microsoft is still adamant with their naming policies . in an effort to express the maximum meaning in the fewest words, they name their entertainment application Windows Media Player. No nincompoop can misconstrue that one. it plays media on Windows.period. Apple, trying to come out of publishing houses and art galleries , names its music player
iTunes. they've also taken the time away from public view to develop working and beautiful software and hardware and also name them with words that people identify with. safari was a adventure on the internet. no one wants to come home weary from work and use something called Office. iLife was quite literally all the parts of one's life that could be converted to 0s and 1s. Combine this with a neat little package called the mac mini and you find that more and more mislead windows users are starting to understand the term "get a life"

so Apple is back in the fray armed with word power and Microsoft taking a lesson or two about semantics from Apple named its next operating system Longhorn causing some crazy macheads to make too much of the names by making it their blog's title.

Next up : A numerological analysis of William Henry Gates III and Steven Paul Jobs . yeah right?

Disclaimer: As you might've already guessed Apple did not remunerate me
in any way for writing this. If they want to , one of those new powerbooks would be adequate.
Neither did Microsoft for all the free tips they've received. If they want to, a copy of Halo 2 alongwith an XBox will make my apartment a tad more comfortable to live in.

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