Sunday, February 06, 2005


found an easy way out to avoid thinking what to write about, i am just going to type out something about a few superbowl ads that impressed :

The only thing people look forward to on Superbowl Sunday, other than the game itself , are the new ads that are showcased during the game. At $2.4 million for a 30 second spot, the brands'd better come up with something good. While it is questionable if anyone is actually swayed by the creative output, it all makes for very good entertainment and even a chronic channel flipper like me stays glued to one channel for about 4 hours on a sunday.

This year's ads started with a bud light one that was really funny .it starts with a sky diver who is afraid to jump out of the plane. the instructor shows him a budweiser 6-pack ,throws it out of the plane and asks him if he still doesnt want to jump out after it. suddenly the pilot comes running out and follows the six pack leaving the other 2 dumbfounded. go to and click on the Entertainment link for a huge collection of their ads . you have to be 21+ to enter ;)

Diet pepsi had p-diddy going to a awards show in a diet-pepsi truck and seeing him every other celebrity buys the diet-pepsi truck as their new rides.huge array of celebs in the ad.

Lays chips - some kids lose a baseball over a fence..they throw a pack of Lays across into the grumpy neighbor's yard and get their ball, a kid gets his dog thrown back,another his father's '72 impala and finally m c hammer is thrown.the ad ends with the kids throwing mc hammer back while "You can't touch this" plays in the background

Pepsi itunes ad : the moment someone opens a pepsi bottle a song plays leading to some really interesting situations.a garage band is practicing with a pepsi bottle open and when one of them tips the bottle the song starts skipping.very nice concept.
the same ad continues in the next break .it was pretty interesting cos they had these 2 ads back to a story.this one ends with a girl carrying a pepsi bottle playing gwen stefani's latest song entering a elevator and gwen stefani exiting it. shorter ad compared to the first one.

Michelob ad :
a guy plays music on a swell hifi system for his girlfriend but can't dance one bit - voiceover: rich..but not smooth
another guy cozys up to a girl and plays some nice soft music..its an eletronics shop and the shop manager comes and asks him where his name tag is - voiceover : smooth but not rich...
voiceover : michelob .. rich and smooth

the half-time show was pretty good. paul mcartney sang 4 beatles' numbers. though the selection was a little questionable -- get back, live and let die and hey jude with the customary singing of the na-na-na bit by the crowd

an ad for a tabasco sauce that shows a hot girl in a bikini walk into her home and add a few drops of tabasco to a dip , take a bite and then pushes her bikini strap aside to reveal that the skin that was covered is burnt not the one that wasnt..awesome voice over so took me a minute to understand.

Toyota prius - shows people walking in place, cars and trains running in place.voiceover says 'its been a long time since transportation advanced' then shows a prius zipping through all the stationary traffic and the ads ends claiming the prius 'a small step on the accelerator, a giant leap for mankind' had a couple of ads with some chimps playing bosses to a guy. both end asking if you want to change jobs. the second one ends with one chimp literally kissing its boss chimp's ass.

the best ads : the first budweiser one. it was simple and hilarious. the tabasco ad a close second for being too clever

i'm sure my writing was so good that you could all visualise the ads just the way they were pictured. in case you want to doublecheck go to :

oh yeah the game - the eagles lost proving yet again how unlucky i am to teams i support.
i'm going back to watch the simpsons.

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