Friday, February 25, 2005

a short at fame

STOP bugging me with all those emails asking me when my next post is..god my gmail inbox is about to explode.

i can dream, can't i?

thanks to a friend i managed to catch all of the short films nominated for the oscar including Little Terrorist, the film touted to take the oscar making india proud. since its a short fim, so is my review.
here's my 4 word review :

Little Terrorist : ball, boy cross boundary

its a film that is as amazing as it is simple but i liked the spanish 7.35 in the morning more.

the other 3 are all animations :
'gopher broke' by blur studio has some fantastic animation but a rather disney-like gopher story .

'guard dog' in creator plympton's own words "answers the eternal question- why dogs bark at pigeons and squirrels" - while not embellished with as much eye candy as the first one it surprises instead with some real dark humor . see a short clip HERE

'ryan' is about a animator who has fallen on hard times. the gestures and movements of the characters are so realistic that i was quite surprised to read that it was done without using motion capture. take a look and decide for yourself --> Ryan

my award goes to 7.35. click the links and take ur pick.

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