Saturday, January 29, 2005

brides and bulls

after rollingstone gave it a 3 star rating , this has to be my next movie. so despite warnings to the contrary i shall venture into foul territory(the dinky apartment that calls itself campus video) to find out if they have a copy.

i think the time is ripe for me to come out of the closet and declare proudly that I'm a bulls fan. all of you blaming me of jumping onto the bulls bandwagon when they are on top : you are right. the current team seems to be the best since the great one graced the united center so i'm watching more bulls basketball than ever. the downside is that tickets are almost impossible to get. chicago is a huge basketball town and even when the team was losing more than 50 games a season , they were still 2nd in money earned last year. united center is just a couple of blocks away but will i get to see a game live this season??


Anonymous said...


Any baseball games on? I thought you were more interested in that.

Bulls was my favorite during college. Jordan the magician and pipen my favs.

Now dunno who plays for Bulls. Any big shots there?


catcharun said...

baseball starts in apr end,
not to diss you or anything but did you even know any team other than the bulls or jazz..i didnt...and obviously given the choice of jordan or the mailman karl malome we wud choose jordan.
u wudnt know anyone from today's bulls..but they r playing as a team and thats what matters