Friday, November 24, 2006

been there, done that

that mandatory i'm-back-in-india post
sat morning, filter coffee in a stainless steel tumbler..steaming hot but not for long..frantic search for the hindu crossie after finding someone had moved it from the top left corner of the last page. 1 clue solved on paper. yup..i'm back.


Anonymous said...


get down to bare minimum. ensoy the summer. sweat it out on the beach. scare a few chicks, maamies.

for the jog sessions and visits to public places get couple of tshirts with your m-id on it.

some catchy phrases..."am hunting! r u game?" might help.


Anonymous said...

When current says:

"get down to bare minimum"
"scare a few chicks" "public places"
"r u game?"

are we getting the right picture?

current try better encryption next time, this one was too easy to crack...

are you game to "sweat it out on the beach"?

catcharun said...

dei rouse caseungala..i'm back in chennai call up.

current, that catchphrase is awesome...copyright it quick. the m-id idea also sooper, i suggest a movie starring u. the galeej couple can handle the technical stuff.

gc - u r trying too hard and reading all over the place instead of just between the lines..