Friday, November 17, 2006

change of address

i'll be temporarily relocating to my awesome madras from the 25th of this month till the 11th of the next. anyone who's around there at the same time and sort of knows me pls crawl out of the woodwork and give me a sign ( a mail will do). we can attempt to meet up and agree that nothing has changed one bit in all this time.


Anonymous said...

have a great trip. dont forget to visit the 'newish' coffee houses and the same old besant nagar beach..

Anonymous said...

reading third blog in span of 1 hour. my vettiness is driving me into this...the shortness of the write-ups might be another reason!

my only Q '?' who do you think will read this blog ? the two (three?) guyz who would are far away from the shores of bay of bengal.