Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Vertigo is a flick i've wanted to see for a while. there is a definite break in the film after which you can sense the mood changing. as an investigator suffering from vertigo, james stewart gets manipulated in the first part and plays the manipulator in the second. its set in san fran - the sloping streets always adding another dimension to the screen. i missed the hitchcock cameo so i guess i'm going to have to see it again and of course blog about it again.

will be taking a short break..from the short stuff that is. a full length feature which can wrap around the blog world twice when laid out end to end is on its way out..or will it be as long as 1.6 times the distance from my main blog to its one of its satellites...dont hold your breath though

disclaimer: that image..not mine. its from so were the others. so if anyone's copying them, dont complain if the MPAA catches up


Anonymous said...

sad to see this:
i deleted this by mistake


Hows the song?


catcharun said...

yeah, i kinda liked that nice pack of lies i had on the side and then i went and deleted it.
i remember it started with "i am an artist" but thats abt it

didnt listen to the song.will do so today.