Wednesday, August 29, 2007

a word of action

ever noticed how superheroes have adjectives and adverbs built into their names. like the costume they wear, it makes them different from their alter egos. making them appear more powerful while at the same time describing what they can do so there is no way you are caught unawares. when spiderman swings down to rescue you, you can be rest assured the ride is going to be kind of sticky and will involve some swinging.

now swing the cameras southside..i mean south of india side. captain. one word that encompasses all the adjectives,adverbs, nouns, pronouns and prepositions in any language, mainly tamil. its mostly a verb though cause when said aloud each syllable screams action. and no silly costume for captain. the occasional colored contact lenses and a police uniform maybe but he doesn't need a cape. there are no masks or trickery involved either. he is just captain. did you notice there is no indication of what his powers are? that's cause he can do everything. one would need the entire dictionary to describe his special powers.

with so much going for him, there is still no comic book...when amateurs like peter parker naturalize themselves as pavitr prabhakar, why this discrimination? someone start a publishing company and start one for him already.i guarantee it will be a collectible even before the first page is printed.

for those unfortunate enough to have never known the captain click here []

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Anonymous said...

reminds me of "kill-bill", bill going over superman vs others...

wonder who is the "bride" you are putting this funda for, in any case,

captain says: "blade-oda suthharey ponnu-eh nambadhey, unless ofcourse you know that they shave too"...

-Ux (azxkndgm now thats a captcha)

catcharun said...

so thats what it was..i kept thinking this thought seems vaguely familiar. but since i was in the captain mode, didnt really think beyond tam flicks..oh well...i think i'll tag this post as 'inspired'..

captain never said anything like that...if he had uttered anything, it would've killed you before you understood what you heard..

your puns, as mokkai as ever..keep it up

Anonymous said...

that whole captain comment did not come out way I had in my head...

just realized united wants to send us to chicago for mere 15k points..

any plans for next weekend, say the 7th or so...


catcharun said...

yup..u suck at captain speak

next weekend? plans .. at least none with you :)

u know what , i recently heard of this revolutionary new thing that allows ppl to talk using voices instead of having a conversation in comments sections...awesome eh?