Thursday, September 13, 2007

saroja saamaan nikalo

i and then. a mile or so. my usual schedule is a long run over the weekend followed by 2 or more weeks of intense whining that my ankle / calf muscle / stomach / (insert muscle name here) has been sprained / inflamed / ooh..aah..ouched. but i've come to enjoy it so much that i go out and try it again as soon as i feel better. the person mainly responsible for this is my runner roomie and now he has started blogging on his runs and more here:

written in a conversational style, it is quite informative (unlike this one) and is updated whenever he runs..which is like every day or so. (you can say that about my blog as well. the update frequency that is). so mosey over and give it a shot.

oh and the title - in my opinion, the best running song. it is always the last in my playlist so i gain an additional boost for the last 4 minutes 15 seconds of my 5 minute runs.


current said...

landed up here because of your pestering! but, i did enjoy the read.

I expected link to saroja saaman nikaalo to be present, towards end of the blog. you disappointed me. I had to do put extra effort to watch it on youtube.


catcharun said...

so persistent marketing does pay off..thanks for enjoying the read and saying so

it should be :
> i expected (a) link to

still in essay mode :)

current said...

you seem to have been awake late into the night! enna ekka chakka velaiya ? ;-)

okka makka! please switch ON the essay mode only when asked!!!!


catcharun said...

what do u mean...yes i was awake late into the night but that comment was at 7.00 am this morning and not 5.00 am as blogger shows..

can't help the essay mode..ON is a static final constant setting

Krishna Kumaraswamy said...

well well, another runner in the making. as guppy points out, other runners are always ready to give suggestions - so you know what you should (or should not) do.

sign up for a race, and run with a group - a couple of suggestions to start (could not resist)

catcharun said...

not so sure about that..i started abt the same time as guppy did..but i am still in the making :)

thanks for those suggestions..i get a lot from guppy as well

Anonymous said...

How much are you paying people for reading your posts these days?

Hi da chikija. I suppose we will catch up a lot at Saravana Bhavan this year, sometime E.O.O

I thought this was the post that revealed to us that guppy kicked you out...

Jai Guppy..
-Ux (nnsqgx)

catcharun said...

when i have readers like you, why should i bother... hey current liked it though