Thursday, September 20, 2007

gravity sucks (i obey inverse square laws)

after trying for about an hour to get a screenshot that

a. didn't reveal completely what i was doing but did enough to pique your interest
b. seemed to somehow show that i was frightened,excited or had an adrenalin rush
c. made me look good

i gave up

c is out of the question..skydiving is not makeup or plastic surgery. b didn't really happen..ok maybe i was excited just before and for a brief 2 seconds after i was pushed out of the plane.a is not possible either - human nature dictates that i brag about this so i don't really care about hiding things and piquing interests.

so you get the pic below..the all revealing, rather frightening image of me falling down with another guy strapped to my back. a minute later he saved me from going splat by opening the chute strapped to his back. the float down was a complete let down after the first couple of seconds of free fall. kind of like the scooter rides from childhood when you were made to stand in front.

so by all means go for a jump. it's kind of expensive. like many other things its hype exceeds reality and for god's sake remember to keep your mouth closed or you'll get an image like this. the video - i plan to sell it to parents as a scare aid to be used instead of the bogeyman or boochandi as the case may be.

p.s you dont know it but you just had a narrow escape.i was going to start this by explaining how i once fell from a mango tree sans parachute.but the screenshot extraction process frustrated the nostalgia out of me.


Anonymous said...

namba nangnallur ... madhiri irrukay da saami, i will read the post later...

Lanka unnai kolatha vara madhriri irruku da...

Nalla moonji da muzhichen inniki


catcharun said...

heh, heh..i know. got the same comment elsewhere too...

i didnt see it though .. but it opens up further avenues for marketing..

vaaya mudi vecha verum man..vaaya thiranthu vechu jump panna ____man

Anonymous said...

romba play down pannadha .. u cudn't stop grinning in the pics!

along Ux's lines .. indha moonji le daily muzhika poravala nenacha pavama iruku :P


catcharun said...

what do i get out of playing it down..its just how i felt..go for yourself and then decide.

the x's are ganging up on me...if some company's stock rises today, do remember the first thing you saw this morning

Anonymous said...

>> ____man
"DA" (nice)

>> along Ux's lines .. indha moonji le daily muzhika poravala nenacha pavama iruku :P

this should be the last thing you should be worrying about..., you will soon see (or hear) that this is a secondary thing, one needs to sleep to wake up...