Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Azhagiya Tamizh Magan

ATM is out. Valayapatti and Nee Marilyn Monroe are my current favs. rahman remixing Ponmagal Vandhal was a shocker. For a moment people turned back the tape cover to ensure it was not a product from Yuvan or Mani Sharma. However I see that aslam is rapping for him in this song. At least I hope its him. Wonder if Lakshminarasimha Vijaya Rajagopala Seshadri Sharma Rajesh Raman fell out of favor.

valayapatti gets props due to the ragam mentions. ok ok i have no idea how to spell ragam but i'm still vaguely interested if only to act knowledgeable if i ever visit chennai during dec. kelaamal sounds a wee bit like 'aagaya vennilavae' from arangetra velai []. (the video deserves its own post, especially to describe prabhu's break dancing in the second half of the song).

going by the songs alone, looks like vijay is yet again a student. however i sincerely hope that the 'ella pugazhum' song is one that he sings to his kid as he sends him off to the first day of lkg classes. one can still dream.


Guppy said...

Unlike Senthil, you are at least posting the links. Seriously though, do you type while you are talking on the phone or something. How do you find time? Has talking on the phone become like breathing - it happens and you also do everything else?

Anyway, my blog entry should have read my rommie instead of more roomie - apologies.

catcharun said...

are u jealous or what?? maybe u r not getting enough company to watch those crappy tv shows..dancing with the stars?? come on..

anyway you dont have to wait too long..lets see if you have time to type comments let alone posts then

Tamizhmom said...

1. give me a cd of the songs.
2. write abt them.
3. mail me abt the blog.

or else


the words phone & breathing in the same sentence.... ha ha

catcharun said...

seri seri..u'll get it soon enough