Thursday, November 08, 2007

a flickr of speech

i've never paid for someone to keep my stuff except during the early days of grad school.

back then a few hundred golts and fellow tamils invaded a university en masse and caused the "senior" grad students hosting us a lot of grief. our moms, deeming it necessary, had sent along a microcosm of india in 2 humongous bags fittingly called india pottis. so to add to the 10 or so parasites er.. new students being hosted in each one bedroom apt, several mini indias encroached the corners,sides and middle portions of all the rooms. when, one day, the hosts found that the bathroom had been rendered inaccessible by the great wall of india pottis, they decided to fight back. they rented some storage for us to keep them till we found apartments of our own. my 2 tamilnadus were in the first batch that were sent there. i thought that would be the last time i paid to store my belongings. how wrong was i?

an india suitcase at least has some substance to it (actually there is a lot of substance..ask the cranes that are used to lift them). what i am paying for now is a bunch of pixels..they are colorful and all that but they weigh next to nothing and in most cases carry not a single packet of grand sweets mixture or adhirasam. yet here i am touting their existence so i can get a few more hits and justify the $24.95 fee. damn you flickr!

here is what i said about this before and here is a sample that also doubles as a rather large hyperlink.


monsooner said...

Read the other, take your pic just now, and it was real fun.
And, your crack about the captain! LOL.

And, you got a pro acc on flickr? :D

catcharun said...

hey..that was the intention of the link monsooner.

and yes indeed, the pro account on flickr apparently has no correlation to photographic prowess..i thought it meant procrastinator..i'm certainly a pro at that.

Ms V said...


It seems there's lot of reading for me to do on your account. Will do that soon. Till then, plz note an address change. My new blog id is

Sorry for the inconvenience!


..V :)