Saturday, June 14, 2008

post flight postcard post

international flights have their share of contradictions. 6 foot 2 economy class passengers (me) are expected to squeeze into seat spaces measured in cubic inches, yet the petite air hostesses struggle to reach up and close overhead bins on those humongous 777s. i requested and got the emergency row seating on each leg. it's next to the toilet and usually a lot of screaming kids but it cant be beat for the comfort. put in an excellent on-demand entertainment system and i am all set. 3.75 movies were taken off my to-see list.

back in madras for my wedding, i am enjoying this trip more than any in the past. the weather is awesome, bhelpuri from shree mithai and mango duet from aavin complement it very well. my body composition is slowly changing from tofu and black coffee to paneer and filter coffee.


current said...

don't be too loud!

airlines are looking at ways to increase revenue. they will start collecting a 'height surcharge'.

if you didn't know, there is now a surcharge for check-in baggage.

Krishna Kumaraswamy said...

dude, no more bhelpuri for you. this is supposed to be the time when you are supposed to be all at home.

will call you sometime.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Summer weddings and sneaked in icecreams are a great combination.

catcharun said...

current - at least for our sake, i hope i am heard.

krishna - bhelpuri at gangotri is even better. today was the first day since i left the US that i didnt have chaat..hows that for rubbing it in? do call though

anon - thanks..i agree