Wednesday, May 21, 2008


so what have i been up to while not writing this blog..reading this one mostly:

Doing Jalsa and Showing Jilpa

go read it and then bookmark will get a full serving of laughter and more. enough said

also when not writing this blog, i turned my attention to what i call my deficient photography skill and attempted to improve on it some more over the past couple of months. the rather flat improvement curve has been sufficiently captured by a somewhat random posting of photos on my flickr account (yup the one i paid for and then regretted on this very blog). once again, click below.
Not a sparrow
oh and the 1st level and the 2nd levelu in the title refer to the jilpaman's case you mistook my photos to be level


Anonymous said...

beautiful pictures!

mailprs said...

possibly gotten me hooked to the jalsa guy's blog too - there goes another 30 mins of work time!

and google wants me to type sivvuzuq to comment - goes with levelu?

catcharun said...

thanks, anon

and you too, senna..please type whatever google asks you to type

Anonymous said...

and when will start seeing traffic on my flickr account?


catcharun said...

rx --> hmm..who do you think is increasing the view counts on all your snaps?