Wednesday, March 23, 2005

cheap blogger trick

u know what the subject means i am completely empty and dry neck-up.
so here is another experiment. following this post i am going to let some of my friends post on textosterone.
a blogjacking if you will

this is a small effort to get those who are less enthused about setting up and maintaining a blog to put some of their thoughts in the open

so go forth fellas...paint the blog in whatever shade u want to. there shall be no censorship whatsoever.


Anonymous said...

Proud that I am one of those "friends" of yours, who get to "freely" post on textosterone. Ok I might be more lazy than most, but thats not the reason I dont blog dudoo.
I might still use the "old-fashioned", "unblogjackked" way on commenting on some stuff. Oh by the by (typed way but was it is more of a "by" statement), here is Joepardy Answer

A term which means an idea get more comments on one's blog than one would normally.
Clue: Its is sheepskined fox, which appears like a good (positive) thing to do...


catcharun said...

wtf why did i give u all access then ?
i dont the answer to ur strange q but post something...
what is jeopardy btw;)
hypes - look someone is already jinxing it