Friday, March 04, 2005

what happened to the twins?

i love the twins. these and the ones that used to be a bankable formula in many a indian film maker's lab. name one twin movie that has failed to succeed.. i can't. well there might've been flops but in my eyes any twin movie is worth the watch just for the scene where the two, lacking sufficient exposure to genomics, try to fathom why their mirror image is wearing different clothes than they are. yet they have been shamelessly ignored and ditched in favor of sensible storylines and realistic cinema. here then is a post aimed at making them the comeback genre of this year.

ancient scriptures and screenplay manuals governing the twin movie scripts, decreed among other things that the separation event must take place on a rainy night , it was upto the director if there needed to be a car breakdown or a corrupt nurse to actually catalyse the event.the two twins must have contrasting personalities - if one was afraid of mice, the other would eat them for breakfast. if one was a 'peter' , the other one would be a 'paruppu'. this was a pre-requisite for the mandatory switch that occured down the line. further , the twins had to have at least a dozen 'meetings' where they miss each other by a few centimeters causing everyone, except the clever viewers (us), to conclude that this guy/girl was a mutant of the Chamaeleonidae family. even a really talented director could , when asked to by the script, do variations of the same scene without compunction and once the twins switched places it was total mayhem till the movie ended with the customary scene of the twins fooling their love-interests into thinking they were the other.

there are also slightly different story lines belonging to the same genre in which the look-alikes are not twins and this is scientifically explained by the well known movie fact that for every person there are six identical 'clones' in the world. after ensuring that i was not one of a twin or a triplet ( how do i know this? i googled for it , silly) i was convinced that this had to be true. so far i've found 2 of, i met while waiting for a flight. i promptly got a zippo lighter at the airport and stuffed it into his hand luggage. so he is languishing in a INS jail somewhere in the labyrinthine JFK. the other i found is a grad student doing his phD and going by his blog isnt going to finish anytime soon. as such he does not have a life, so i let him be. to the other 4 - dont ever underestimate me and go through your luggage before going through the security check. to all the directors of hindi/tamil/telugu movies - stop making 'different' movies and just give us a modern spin on the twin genre.


Anonymous said...

"Supreme Star" Sarath Kumar is one actor who has made it a habit to release one twin-movie once in two years. If he makes a series of flops, he counter balances it by coming up with an "irratai vedam" movie.

Probably he would set a guiness record and get a lifetime award for acting in maximum twin movies...

trivia: If an actor acts in a twin role movie, (of course, he acts in both the roles!) will his movie count go up by one or two?


catcharun said...

the answer to that lies in another question...if an actor acts in a double role..would it be logical to award just one of them ??

indeed sarath kumar has acted in a lot of double roles..but small correction none of them are abt twins..almost all his movies are as father and son and obviously its not the possibility of a switch whatsoever. i'll take up that sort of movies in another post.

i would luv to see captain in a double role'll be great to see the camera try to JOOM on both of them

Anonymous said...

'tis high time we had the desi version of the Razzies. lotsa deserving makkal....