Friday, March 25, 2005

one thousand vetti people

numbers don't lie.well this one does. the one on the right panel,below the blogger icon. it says 1001 but it doesnt know that i secretly visit my blog from different machines in my computer lab.but here's how the acceptance speech went :
the announcer goes "And the award for 'the most recent blog to cross 1000 page hits while simultaneously illustrating a blog's boring power' goes to Textosterone"

((a small group of friends who went to undergrad with me start clapping and whistling, ride of the valkyries starts playing in the background))

dressed in a orange tuxedo a la jim from dumb & stupider , ME , climbing up the steps to the stage to accept what looks like a keyboard covered in old m&m shards and crumbs of potato chips. a gooey mass of what was once "the worlds finest tasting coffee" adorns one corner and a few roaches tumble out as it is passed from hand to hand.

((the clapping and whistling continue unabated, and subside as i yell out "Dei adangunga da"))

"I would like to thank a few people today - my mom and dad who listened patiently to my absurd arguments about how a computer could help me in studies more, more than any gold that could be bought for the Rs.50,000 I wanted them to shell out. my sister for actually using the computer for what i said it would be used for. manisha koirala and then sonali bendre, for gracing my desktop and in the process inspiring me to urge my parents to get a 14.4kbps US Robotics modem. It was sooper fun trying to connect to a dotty VSNL connection through hyperterminal and viewing "pictures" on a site through Lynx that only showed them as a [Link] hence causing me to download the "buy" and "home" icon pictures. To bill and microsoft, who taught me that practice makes perfect after i tried installing windows 95 from 31 floppy disks, failed miserably, tried again,failed again and ended up increasing my parent's investment in technology. to apple, my first laptop that is also the first person to incur my fury when i get out of a blogger's block. and of course to all you readers, I couldnt have done it without you. as an appreciation for your persistence in reading what my twisted head puts out every week or so, I will give each one of you..."
((ride of the valkyries starts up...slowly building up))
"..the most amazing.."
((ride of the valkyries increases in volume, the microphone is cut off and you all see me gesticulating wildly and flipping the bird at the orchestra, as 2 security people escort me off the stage))

and the announcer with a sheepish grin "children: i hope you didnt see the last bit, google : the next time u give someone a blogger account please check their background, and now on to the award for the "blogs of people who forward spam and are characteristically marked by the abundance of outgoing links and a lack of written words" , we have quite a few nominees people, i hope you've packed food for the next few days."


Anonymous said...

Applause Applause, your writing has killed many a vetti times.
To quote from "what book was that?", the blog reading community is divided into two, those who are vetti enough to read your blog and those who will become so...


catcharun said...

welcome to the after party unhygenix
good one that to join us so we can cross the next 1000 much faster ?
hope current comes out circuits blazing and shocks the other half into total vettiness..we shall wait and watch

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