Tuesday, March 15, 2005

many thoughts, little logic

Anyone who has known me for more than 6 months knows how crazy my imagination can be at times. Combined with a habit of thinking out aloud this has often caused people to throw brickbats and the occasional sofa in my general direction hoping to score a hit and silence me. No use. I've just evolved into a machine capable of dodging such attacks and maintaining my train of thought ( a really long train btw) at the same time.

On a recent visit to my roommate's lab I happened to see a machine that can create printed circuit boards(PCBs) - you know those square pieces of green cardboard-like stuff with a million resistors and capacitors that you can see if you open your vcr/comp just cause you are curious (non-geeks , never fear - click here) .instantly a train departed from my demented brain station. what if , i started telling him, we have a wall full of such panels or better yet one huge PCB wall and it would have a huge button with the ON symbol located comfortably at eye level. Functional design, my friend , i explained to him,knowing only that it was a term designed specifically to function as an impressive phrase. It would be art and (computer) architecture at the same time. As the train merrily chugged along I continued voicing the thoughts it was pulling to my roomie. All the geeks would die to have such a wall. We can add fiber optics to the paths which will actually illustrate how the power goes from the button to the different appliances it would turn on, including, of course, the geek. A smaller train running alongside was now ruminating if shirts could be made from the same stuff and immediately stopped in its tracks as it collided head along with a more sensible train carrying the concept of a short circuited shirt (giving birth to the neologism 'shirt circuit'). Anyway, my roomie, after a futile attempt to work on the PCB amidst my non-stop chatter, got up to leave the room and stopping by the doorway called out to me
"Abbey Arun" he said.
I woke up from my fantasy world and saw him give me a wry smile with his hand on the light switch.

yeah ok..my bubble has a small hole.so what? the concept of having a lighted wall still has to be new, right ??
whatever.i have a million other ideas that are equally unique or already have a simpler solution. just you wait.


rajesh said...

Interesting post!!
Its the small ideas that fetch the big money!!Remember that :)

catcharun said...

thanks for stopping by man..
everytime i look at the ad for one of those instructional patent video and see the sad guy saying "I invented that but I failed to patent it" , I think of my many unpublished ideas.
at least they are good(bad) enough to fill a blog with

Shahla & PRS said...

the thoughts are truly what needed to be patented! if you cant patent it, at least post it... so that whoever tries to patent it can bew sued bu showing your blog as "prior art"!

Shahla & PRS said...
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Anonymous said...

I have some unexplained points to be added to prevent the dubious misinterpretation thus leading to flawed implementation of otherwise impeccable design by my friend.

1. The fiber optic should be a single mode fiber and should have attenuation not more than 0.5 dB/Km

2. Two fiber should only be joined through FDDI connector and an arrangement should be made to make the connector transparent. We can probably use the same principle by which James Bond's car (given to him by John cleese, the latest Dr.Q succeeding the late Q) becomes transparent (the actual principle of this is beyond the scope of this blog or the comment)

- - B A D R I - -

catcharun said...

in accordance with the present wage-minimums i shall give u 2 cents for each of those 'adjustments' to my 'invention'
i never knew u paid so much attention in jayshree's class...besides my optical fibers arent exactly for communication (they could be in future versions) so the attenuation could be higher
will give u one more cent if u also tell me what ur choice of laser wud be :)...rubidium,InGaAsP